Their Stories

Don’t take it from us, discover why these mom’s chose Regional Midwifery to be a part of their birth story.

I had the most amazing experience at Regional Midwifery! From prenatal care to labor and delivery to mother baby, I felt cared for from the beginning and all my choices and goals were respected and supported. I literally cannot say enough good things about all the midwives, but specifically about Amy! She delivered my baby, and did an amazing job! My family and support team could not stop saying how amazing she was. I was able to have the birth I dreamed of, and a large part of that was because of Amy and her support!

– Sarah Combs

I have been cared for by each of the Regional Midwives through two pregnancies and deliveries, postpartum and lactation support, mental health counseling and ongoing well-visits. I have never had a connection with a healthcare provider like I do with this group — I truly feel listened to, supported, and respected. Cheryl Carroll delivered my first son after supporting me through a quiet, steady labor with her calming presence, patience and confidence in my ability to listen to my body. Sue Holliday caught my second son after a fast and furious delivery with the perfect dose of cheerleading, humor, and heart. Their care through the postpartum period and beyond has been equally exceptional. Each one is incredibly knowledgable, offering evidence-based care in a creative way to meet my individual needs and preferences. The Regional Midwives will always have a special place in my family story!

– Rachael Waldvogel

…My initial intention with this testimonial was about professionalism. I consider myself a professional (in software) and was trying to wrap my head around how it’s possible that Amy is able to perform at this level every working day. Not only that but the personal connection that she made with Anna was like nothing I’ve ever seen in the professional world. There were times when I thought my wife knew Amy for her entire life. She was so in tune with what Anna was feeling and going through that I thought to myself, thank goodness our friend Amy is here. But that’s not accurate, Anna just met her 3 days ago and I just met her earlier that morning. However, having that known constant in the room while emotions were riding high was so important – she was this calming voice in what would otherwise be a room of hysteria if it was just my wife and I.

Looking back, I don’t know if that meeting at the clinic was fate but I’m sure her being there on Monday was. I didn’t know that there was a job in this world where two strangers could connect at such an intimate level for so long but at the same time, so quickly. I’m eternally grateful that Amy was our midwife on May 1st 2017, I think you and your team are extremely fortunate to have her – I know we feel extremely fortunate to have ‘worked’ with her. Thank you Amy.

– Anthony & Anna Ross

I delivered my daughter last week and I cannot find the words to describe how amazing this experience was!! Every single person I encountered at the clinic was attentive, caring, and warm. My entire pregnancy felt like a dream, and the prenatal care I received was above and beyond.

– Sarah Cade

We came to Regional Midwifery highly recommended from a good family friend. This was our first child and we had some trepidation and high expectations, wanting nothing but the best care and advice. We got that and more! The entire process was comforting, supportive and extremely personal. To highlight those personal touches, Mary Ellen let us be the first to hold our son and placed him on my chest as soon as he was born. We highly recommend the midwifery experience. In fact, I continue to see the midwives for my well-woman care and will definitely use them for my next pregnancy. 

– Tabitha Pace