Maternity Care

Many expectant mothers want a provider who offers a more personal approach to having a baby. Our certified nurse-midwives establish a close relationship with our patients and their families. We offer midwifery care for your prenatal visits, throughout labor and birth, and for your postpartum care. A nurse-midwife is on-call at Duke Regional Hospital 24/7/365. Our midwives never have office patients when they are on call, so you are guaranteed the attention and support you need. We care for low-risk moms, and routinely manage common risk factors including advanced maternal age, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean section), gestational diabetes, thyroid disorders, IVF pregnancies, overweight moms, and others. Our attending physicians are always present and available for collaboration should complications arise. A healthy mom and baby is always our priority, but we honor your birth experience and strive to help you have the best experience possible.

Well Woman Care

Midwives provide care throughout all stages of life. Regular screening examinations focus on wellness and are an important part of preventative care. Well-woman care includes comprehensive annual exams, pap smears, referrals for mammograms, and counseling on lifestyle choices.

Family Planning

We offer family planning education, counseling and services. We commonly prescribe all methods of contraception including IUD’s and Nexplanon. With the most current information, and thorough discussion of your options, you will be able to choose the method best for you.


Midwives don’t just deliver babies! We are skilled at providing gynecological services for women from adolescence through menopause. Some of the conditions we can treat include vaginal infections, STD testing and treatment, preconception counseling, perimenopausal care and counseling, heavy or painful periods, polycystic ovarian syndrome, PMS, and more.

Centering Pregnancy

We offer group prenatal care designed to engage mothers and partners through the journey of pregnancy. This model of care follows a similar traditional prenatal course, but your visits last 90 minutes, so you have plenty of time to address concerns. Women develop self-confidence and self-care skills. Many of our families develop lifelong friendships.


All of our midwives are skilled (both personally and professionally) in the art and science of breastfeeding. Along with the staff at Duke Regional, we will help you get off to the best start possible, and are available if struggles arise. We offer breastfeeding classes, in-office consultations and guidance, and frenotomy (release of tongue-tie) procedure for type 1 and 2 ankyloglossia. We routinely work with skilled lactation consultants in the community to help our moms meet their breastfeeding goals.